The Beginning of the Dry Season in Costa Rica.

By Silvanna Pacheco,  December 31st, 2023

The Dry Season in Costa Rica coincides with the traditional Christmas holiday season. If you are planning your visit during this time of the year, you will be able to experience many of the local traditions and festivities. Days are sunny and blessed with a cool gentle breeze during December. 

All Christmas decorations are out and the smell of tamales permeates the air, a local favorite meal to enjoy during this holiday season. Each small town will have their own celebrations such as the traditional mascaradas and posadas as well as parades and live music. All these events bring communities closer and will create picture perfect opportunities and pleasant memories for you to take back home.

The Dry Season extends from December to April. Temperatures will rise all the way up to 97°F (36°C) especially during March and April. The Caribbean Coast however, tells a different story. During this season, this region will be cooler and more humid than the Pacific.

When planning a trip to Costa Rica during the Dry Season you must consider it is also the high season for tourism. This means the highest rate of arrivals to the country as well as higher prices due to demand. We recommend you plan ahead with plenty of time to get the best accommodations you want and need. Christmas time and Easter Week are very busy dates during the season since tourists as well as locals visit the beaches and other destinations. Among the most popular spots are the Monteverde Cloud Forest, the Arenal Volcano and the Pacific beaches.

Dry season in Costa Rica also brings out specific wildlife that is not to be missed. The majestic California Humpback whales visit the Pacific waters from December to March. Leatherback turtles arrive in Playa Grande, Guanacaste between October and February. This is the second largest nesting site for Leatherback sea turtles in the world!

Since Costa Rica is so geographically diverse, each region has its own microclimate. Never forget to bring your sunblock and hat. And if you plan to visit the rainforests do not forget a light raincoat jacket, rain can surprise you at any time!