Jaco/Hermosa, Costa Rica

Central Pacific
Population: 10,000
Elevation: 914 mts

Capital City of Country
Gateway to Country

Jaco/Hermosa, Costa Rica Vacation Guide

Jaco is located in the north of the Puntarenas province in Costa Rica, and only a short drive from San Jose. Its beach has been rated as one of the Top Ten beaches in the country; Jaco beach is among the most popular beaches in Costa Rica, for foreigners and locals alike. It is famous for the party atmosphere, its large waves ideal for surfing and its 2 miles of grey sand beach. Lots of tourists and Costarricans visit this beach during the year - its lively town has a reputation of being very laid back and developed, offering a wide variety of restaurants, banks, hotels, shops and nightly entertainment. Jaco is the closest beach from San Jose and it is an extremely active town geared towards surfers, parties & nightlife.

Jaco offers a wide selection of hotels, resorts, condos, cabins and camping areas. During the day visitors of Jaco can enjoy its wildlife, including parrots, sloth's, many birds, reptiles and mammals, rent out mountain bikes, scooters, surf boards, boogie boards, ride a horse or travel to one of its neighbouring surfing beaches like Hermosa, Herradura and Esterillos or the famous Manuel Antonio National Park. The entire coast is famous for its nature, water sports, attractions and has accommodations for every budget. The Carara National Park is also very close-by. Located along the shores of the Grande de Tarcoles River, this protected area includes several ecosystems such as swamps, a lagoon, a gallery forest and secondary and primary forests and is home to one of the bigger Scarlet Macaw populations of Costa Rica. At night in Jaco the many discos, bars and clubs entertain and play music on weekends until sunrise.

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