Heredia, Costa Rica

Central Valley
Population: ‎449,257
Elevation : ‎1,150 mts

Capital City of Country
Gateway to Country

Heredia, Costa Rica Vacation Guide

The province of Heredia is a mountainous region and known for its coffee covered hills and volcanic national parks. There are many attractions to see in this province, from sweeping views to national parks and lots of wildlife. Active tourists seek out Volcán Barva, where green pastures turn into pine, and cloud forests near the summit. A more relaxing trip is to head north, where you can stay in fire-warmed cottages near quaint restaurants that serve simple fare cooked over coffee-wood fires. Tapantí and Braulio Carrillo National Parks are also in the northern section of Heredia. The parks are rained on constantly and packed with wildlife. Birdwatchers seek out the quetzals, one of the most culturally significant birds in Central America, while some hikers get a rare glimpse of pumas or tapirs.

Heredia is a fine example of a Costa Rican city, boasting most of the amenities of San Jose, but in a more low key environment. The Central Park serves as meeting point and most shops are located around it. Heredia is easily reachable from the International Airport and another perfect stop for you first night in our your last night out. Visitors can stay anywhere from mountain hostels to modern hotels in the heart of town.

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