San Jose, Costa Rica

Central Valley
Population: 339,581
Elevation : ‎1,172 mts

Capital City of Country
Gateway to Country

San Jose, Costa Rica Vacation Guide

San Jose is the Capital of Costa Rica and it is located in the heart of the country in the Central Valley. Its population is estimated to be of about 1 million inhabitants. This city is the political and cultural center of Costa Rica and includes more than the 50% of the economy of the country. San Jose has a wide variety of shops, banks, shopping malls, museums, parks, hospitals and more. The public transportation is very good and offers bus service to almost all towns in Costa Rica; although traffic is very difficult early in the morning and late evenings because people are getting in and out of work. The construction of a new boulevard is in progress; 16 blocks are going to be used to give people more space to walk safely through the City center.

Several events take place every year in the city, such as the “National games” (which is a sports competition), music concerts and cultural events. San Jose also offers many theaters and Museums such as the National Theater, the popular Melico Salazar Theater, Lucho Baraona Theater, the National Museum, the Gold Museum, the Jade Museum and the Contemporary Art Museum. Visitors can sit and relax in one of the most visited parks such as the National Park, La Sabana Park, The Morazan Park where the Temple of Music is, the Central Park, the Park of Peace and the Okayama Park. Visit the Simon Bolivar Zoo, the “Attraction Park” or go shopping in the Pedestrian Mall in the Central Avenue, the 2nd Avenue or Paseo Colon (which is the financial center of San Jose). Visit the historical Barrio Amon; the first elegant neighborhood in Costa Rica or the Presidential Palace.

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