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Fishing in Costa Rica

Fishing in Costa Rica is a popular activity due to the country's rich marine biodiversity and stunning coastlines on both the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea. Costa Rica offers excellent opportunities for various types of fishing, including offshore, inshore, and freshwater fishing. Fishing charters and guides are available in popular fishing destinations such as Quepos, Los Sueños in Playa Herradura and Guanacaste. These charters typically provide experienced captains, boats and equipment, making it easy for anglers to enjoy a fishing trip without having to bring their own gear.

Offshore fishing
Offshore fishing in Costa Rica is known for its world-class sport fishing, particularly for marlin, dorado (mahi-mahi), tuna, and wahoo.

Inshore fishing
Inshore fishing in Costa Rica is popular in Nicoya Peninsula area and the Caribbean coast. You will find rooster fish, snapper, grouper, jacks, and snook . Inshore fishing in Costa Rica often involves fishing near rocky shorelines, reefs, and estuaries.

Freshwater fishing
Costa Rica has numerous rivers, lakes and lagoons that offer opportunities for freshwater fishing. Some popular freshwater species to target in Costa Rica include tarpon, rainbow bass (known locally as guapote) and machaca. Lake Arenal is a popular site for freshwater fishing.

Conservation and catch-and-release
Costa Rica is known for its commitment to marine conservation, and many fishing charters and guides promote catch-and-release practices. It's important to practice responsible fishing and follow local regulations to protect the marine resources and ensure sustainable fishing practices for future generations to enjoy.

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