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Things to Do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a formidable destination for active travelers offering a vast array of specific sport and adventure opportunities in a small area. Whatever your taste in recreation, Costa Rica has something for you. Costa Rica's National Parks are a smorgasbord of outdoor activities for both adrenaline junkies and the more sedate stop-and-smell-the-roses type rambler.

We have a long list of the attractions and activities you can do in Costa Rica. We can arrange for an air or ground transfer for you. Main destinations are regularly served from San Jose. Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and then let our guide and driver take you to your adventure for the day, or relax and let our experts drive you to your next destination; we know the roads so you can enjoy the views.

As your Costa Rica Destination Specialist, we believe that a combination of volcano visits, rain and cloud forest, beautiful beaches, along with activities and adventure is the perfect experience. We offer day tours from San Jose so you can make the capital your base for a few days. If you have more time, you can combine several destinations in Costa Rica  so you can experience why Costa Rica is the most revisited country in the world!

There are many leisure activities that one can do in Costa Rica include: Kayaking, Rafting, Hiking, Diving, Biking, Zip Lining, Golfing, Birdwatching, Snorkeling,  Surfing, Fishing, Horseback Riding and much more. Costa Rica is more than just adventure and nature. Costa Rica offers world-class dining, nightlife and cultural entertainment.

There are a variety of micro climates in Costa Rica within a short proximity.  Temperatures range from a cool climate of 74ºF, to the heat of the Northern Region at 95ºF to our Central Valley with much cooler temps at 60ºF.


There are a variety of micro climates in Costa Rica within a short proximity.  Temperatures range from a cool climate of 74ºF, to the heat of the Northern Region at 95ºF to our Central Valley with much cooler temps at 60ºF.

The National Parks in Costa Rica offer beautiful established hiking trails. Trails are marked by the park service.  National parks offer a chance to see the wonderful and varied amount of birds, animals, flora and fauna for which Costa Rica is famous.  Some parks are at the beach but most parks are on the interior of the country marked by volcanoes, cloud forest, jungle or rainforest.

Scuba Diving
Costa Rica offers 767 miles of coastline waiting to be discovered and treasured.   Costa Rica offers world class expert diving on the remote Cocos Island.  This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the perfect place to explore the diverse marine life in the clear waters.  There is also diving for beginners on both the pacif and Caribbean Coasts.

Costa Rica, famous all over the world for its nature and beauty, is now rapidly becoming a prime destination for intrepid mountain bikers. Costa Rica offers "fat-tire" thrills for all levels.


Experience the thrill of a lifetime!  Explore the elevated ecosystem of the rainforest or cloud forest canopy.  The canopy is home to most of the jungle’s plant and animal species. Traverse the treetops of the canopy on cables while seeing animals and fauna.  The perfect adventure!

Sea and whitewater kayaking are one of most low impact ways to enjoy beautiful Costa Rica, and kayaking is also a favorite sport in the country. Costa Rica has hosted several international kayaking tournaments.

Costa Rica offers some of the world's least crowded golf courses. Carefully tucked into the natural surroundings, the courses vary from rolling fairways lined with rare tropical hardwoods, to open links nestled between mountains and flowering valleys along with challenging greens overlooking sandy beaches and the ocean.

Costa Rica has more than 850 species of birds in a land mass no larger than the state of West Virginia. This makes it one of the most attractive places in the world to birdwatch.

Snorkeling in Costa Rica starts over living coral reefs and leads deeper for the stunning sight of Manta Rays swimming by like a formation of underwater hang-gliders.

Surfers plain and simply love Costa Rica.  All beaches in Costa Rica are open to the public and easily accessible. Virtually every major surf spot is located within a four hour drive from the Central Valley, except for Pavones which requires an eight hour drive.

Costa Rica’s rich marine life means excellent sport fishing.  Along the Pacific Coast, anglers find some of the best blue water and inshore fishing in the world.  Roosterfish, Mahi Mahi, Yellow-fin Tuna, Grouper and Wahoo are among the most common game fish.

Horseback Riding
Horseback riding in Costa Rica can take you along beaches, on the edge of a country road or along forest trails.  On horseback you can ride just about anywhere in Costa Rica, and climbing onto the back of a spirited equine can be a wonderful way to spice up your vacation.

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