Sustainable Travel to Costa Rica.


By Silvanna Pacheco, May 20, 2024

Costa Rica isn’t just a destination; it is a philosophy. In Costa Rica, sustainability is a way of life rather than a trend.  This tiny Central American nation boasts almost 6% of the world’s biodiversity, all while generating nearly 93% of its electricity from renewable sources.  

Costa Rica is a model for sustainable practices for many industries within the region and around the world. Fortunately, this natural treasure is protected by the National System of Conservation Areas which preserve a total of 30% of the national territory.

As a visitor, there are also many ways you can contribute to keeping Costa Rica green. Planning your trip in advance is key to minimizing your footprint. This will allow you to create an efficient itinerary that avoids unnecessary backtracking. Imagine experiencing wonderful volcanoes, pristine beaches and lush rainforest, all within a short distance!  Click on this link to start planning your Pura Vida trip!

Also, when looking for the right accommodations, look for certifications from the Rainforest Alliance or the Nature Conservancy as a sign of their commitment. Most hotels that partner with these organizations will proudly display their logos on their websites.

Hotel Punta Islita, Guanacaste.

The Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT) established the CST program, a national benchmark for sustainable tourism practices. Businesses with high CST ratings are leading the charge in environmental responsibility.

Here are some sustainable practices you might encounter at eco-friendly hotels:

  • Farm-to-table dining: Savor fresh, local ingredients grown or raised right on-site.
  • Renewable energy: Powering hotels with solar panels or hydroelectric generators is a common practice.
  • Water and energy conservation: Many hotels encourage guests to reduce their consumption through low-flow toilets and energy-saving lighting.
  • Waste reduction: Look for hotels that utilize compost and bio-digesters to minimize waste.
  • Sustainable building practices: Hotels constructed with reclaimed wood or those protecting natural habitats with reforestation efforts showcase their commitment.
  • Eco-Friendly amenities: Enjoy refillable dispensers with locally-made, biodegradable toiletries and cleaning products.
  • Wildlife-Friendly landscaping: Living roofs, feeders, and native plants create a haven for birds, butterflies and other pollinators.

Costa Rica is a pioneer in sustainable tourism. For over 20 years, they have been leading the change to eco-friendly travel, preserving its rainforest, protecting its wildlife, and promoting a way of life in harmony with nature. Join the growing movement of travelers who are choosing sustainable destinations and experience the magic of Costa Rica in a way that gives back.